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By definition, ghostwriting is confidential. Therefore I cannot link to most of my client work. However, I have ghostwritten for clients in the following industries: Mental health | Medical | Sexual health | Nonprofits | Law | Real estate | Personal memoir | Retail products and services. Here are some samples and excerpts of writing I have done under my own name:

Why Poetry?

An excerpt from the introduction to my book, The Poetry Reader’s Toolkit (still in print!), published in 1997 by NTC/Contemporary Books; since acquired by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

Leave the Light On

The Committee on the Shelterless is a unique homeless shelter and homeless services organization in Petaluma, CA. Here is an interview with John Records, COTS’ long-time director, which appeared in The Sun magazine.

Musical Medicine

Recent clinical studies indicate that listening to music can actually help stroke patients regain motor and communication skills and even vision. I wrote about this in the the San Francisco Heart and Vascular Institute newsletter.

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Interview

A discussion with Brock Dolman, co-founder of the storied Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Occidental, CA.

What Gets Heard

Some reflections in the wake of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United decision, published in the Sonoma County Gazette.

Spiritual Sex in an Increasingly Virtual World

Here is a 2011 Huffington Post column on the virtues of “spiritual sex.” This essay is based on conversations with Suzie Heumann of Though Suzie was the author of record, she graciously credited me at the end of the article.

… there are many more. Let me share them with you!